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Bacteria Compass
21 Mar 2012;
Experiment show how magnetic nanoparticles can influence and control the orientation of E.coli bacteria. The bacteria used were genetically engineered with a red fluorescent expression construct to help visualise the influence of the particles.
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Gram Staining
24 Nov 2011;
Gram staining (or Gram's method) is a method of differentiating bacterial species into two large groups (Gram-positive and Gram-negative).
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Sugar Rush
24 Mar 2011;
Sugar rush explores which of the five main sources of carbohydrates (energy) E.coli is more attracted to.
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Plant growth response to light
06 Mar 2009;
Observing a pea plant exhibiting the most commonly observed growth movement responses to light stimuli.
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Magnetically actuated Cress plants
13 Feb 2008;
This experiment utilised a new biomedical technology - nanomagnetic particles - to modulate aspect of plant behaviour by invoking dynamic motion in plants, directly.
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Fluorescent Cress Plants
21 Jul 2007;
Utilising fluorescence to monitor water conduction in plants
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Touch experiment with sunflower plants
07 Jul 2007;
Two sunflower seedlings were positioned alongside each other. The left plant was the control and the other was subjected to daily (innocuous) touching over a one month period.
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09 Jun 2007;
Pure chlorophyll in absence of electron snappers produces a red-orange fluorescent afterglow when lit with UV light.
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An Eggsellent Eggsperiment
25 May 2007;
Purpose of this experiment was to understand osmosis and see this through the cell membrane of the egg.
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27 Mar 2007;
Two roses were exposed to Martian atmospheric parameters for six hours at the Mars Simulation Laboratory in Denmark.
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Introduction to Resistors
26 Nov 2006;
Colour codes on the resistors indicate resistance values. We measured each of the resistors working out measurements using tables specifying the resistor colour codes and checking the measurements using a multi-meter.
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30 Jan 2006;
The glowing bacteria experiment involved the transfer of the luminescent gene from firefly gene to the bacteria. A chemical substrate was used to activate the bioluminescent light to make the bacteria glow.
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10 Jan 2006;
This self sustaining greenhouse waters the plants (cress) via underwater soil irrigation system.
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06 Jul 2005;
This activity involved the creation of a simulated Martian greenhouse for a rose. A rose cutting was planted into this micro-ecosystem and was carefully monitored.
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08 Oct 2004;
A rougher method of isolating DNA (and RNA) from an onion where its tissues were broken up mechanically and household detergent was used to degrade the cell and its membranes.
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01 Mar 2004;
The tissue culture experiment aims were to produce plants from small amounts of plant tissue where they grew in aseptic conditions in jars containing nutrient solution.
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01 Feb 2002;
This involved preparing bottled (and powdered) agar for cultures, transferring cultures, observations under the microscope, gram staining them and caring for live cultures.
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