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04 04-05 Dec 2007; Laura Cinti - 25 Jan 2012

Telling Places conference was organized by doctoral researchers from The Slade Shool of Fine Art and The Bartlett as part of the annual Research Spaces that has been running annually since 2004 opening opportunities to examine research spaces across disciplines.

The Martian Rose Presentation © c-lab 2007

c-lab presented The Martian Rose during the session Meeting Places: Encounters between Narratives. The project looks at extreme conditions beyond Earth and features a rose exposed to Martian environment.

Telling Places Conference © c-lab 2007

The conference schedule also included presentations by Bruce McLean, Jane and Louise Wilson and a workshop by Gavin Bryers

Telling Places Exhibition Opening

The exhibition was a showcase of works that explored artistic and architectural investigations into abstract representations of space, landmarks, buildings, boundary conditions of life and 'metareproduction'.  

Video still from The Martian Rose video © c-lab 2007

The Martian Rose was shown as a  documentation rather than installation, featuring  video projection of the experiment that took place at the Mars Simulation Laboratory in Denmark on 27th March 2007 where a rose was subjected to Martian parameters for six hours.  

Other References: Telling Places: Narrative and Identity in Art and Architecture
The Slade School of Fine Art
The Bartlett
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